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Tenant Improvements - 555 Main St, Chico Ca.

1) Flooring and Base

Carpet: 28 oz Level Broadloom with unity backing.
VCT: 12 x 12 Armstrong Series.
Base: 4” rubber top set with toe.

2) Walls

5/8” type gyp board over 3 5/8 x 25 gauge metal studs at 24” o.c. to 6” above ceiling. Smooth or light orange peel textured finish.

3) Doors

Tenant Entry: 3’ x 7’ x 1-3/4” Plastic Laminate Faced Solid Core Wood.
Tenant Interior: 3’ x 7’ x 1-3/4” solid core. Plain cut. Birch. Stain Grade.

4) Door Frame and Hardware

Frame: Knock-Down Hollow Metal, Paint Finish.

Hardware: Schlage “D” Series Lever Sets with “Sparta” style levers in 626 Satin Plated Finish (US26D)

5) Ceiling

2 x 4 acoustical Armstrong Second Look II.

6) Lighting

Lithonia 18 cell 3 tube parabolic with electronic ballast and T-8 lamps. 1 Fixture per every 90 usable square feet. Dual level manual switching

Ceiling mounted illuminated exit sign w/ battery backup per 2001 California Building Code.


Variable air volume terminal with hot water re-heat coils in each suite.

Flex ducting and hydronic piping from mechanical duct chase to supply/return grilles.
Thermostats & control system wiring to roof top air handler.

Supply and return grilles: 2 x 2 flat lay-in with integral deflector.

8) Exterior Glazing Perimeter Blinds

Vertical perforated blinds

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